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Discussion in 'General Discussion!' started by Alice, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Alice

    Alice Emperor

    Jan 29, 2019
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    As of today I got permbanned on the server. I got banned for people thinking I was "Raku" (I did say I was as a joke but stopped after I got a warning)

    I will say I have enjoyed playing on the server and I think it was fun. I want to thank some nice people I met on the server (I can't remember everyone so just a few names)

    Thanks to Fantasy_II for making nice houses and being a good person
    Thanks to Noassi for not being negative to me (I got sources about two other staffs with dms, not for public)
    Thanks to Derino for being a good person and understandable.
    Thanks to Mercury for also being a good person
    Thanks to Jazza for being a cool person
    Thanks to all you guys at USSR for letting me join your town at one point + being awesome people
    Thanks to Doskey to kill me to the void (Jokes aside, a good guy)
    Thanks to Chocofuzzy & HuskiesForLife to give me a chance to join Malamor when all towns have gone against me since day 1.
    For everyone else who are not on the "List" nothing against any of you, just can't fit everyone onthe whole list. I do know some of you got something against me (I got dms from people, no public once again) the people who got something against me know who you are already.
    If anyone still want to chat/maybe play some games on steam etc this is my discord: Myth#7653
    I might still check forums/Discord once every so often (Unless if it means server ban = platform ban)
    Some last words:
    I would like if Possible to give Lifelog Co-Mayor of Malamor
    Fantasy_II Assistant
    Derino (If he would like, I know he is in a town)) to get Co-Mayor


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