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[Head-Mod] aWinterRose posted Jul 11, 17

It’s that time o' year again, pirates have taken over DifferentCraft 'n captured th' staff crew! It seems they’ve come back for revenge o' thar stolen booty. You’ll be able t' help ward them off at /warp pirate 'n scavenge for yer owns booty while you’re thar!

For our older crew, ye’ probably already know what this means – summer event! If ‘tis yer first year, hop aboard ‘n join us. We’re goin’ to need all the help we can get!

Additionally, th' summer donation store has kicked off wit' a 20% off sale, 'n double McMMO XP Weekend 14th - 16th


Hello all,

DifferentCraft would like to thank you for your participation on the server this past month! We would like to reward our top three voters, and top three highest playtime users, as usual. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope everyone will continue to contribute positively to our server! Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all our users this month!

June Top Voters

In first place, is liam_801 with 156 votes!

First place receives a $25 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is derpysnorlaxx with 152 votes!

Second place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is esako with 148 votes!

Third place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

June Top Playtime

In first place, is IndieHumbug with 178.65 hours!

First place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is Mahimanta with 177.65 hours!

Second place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is Such_A_Diabetic with 150.84 hours!

Third place recieves a $5 coupon for the donation store.

Congratulations to our winners once again, you can find your coupons in a private message on enjin or in your /mail.

Esako Hey Jordan, haven't received any mail on Enjin or in-game, just checking in case there was a mistake or you forgot ...


As of today, you’ll be able to find a shop at /warp pointshop that utilizes your vote points in game, for your convenience! You will also be able convert any remaining enjin points you have in exchange for in game rewards, which now includes a treasure key, money, and McMMO. To convert your enjin points to in game, use this option in the donation store.

Haven’t collected any points yet? What’re you waiting for! Each time you vote you’ll receive 3  points that you can save up for some great rewards – including additional jobs, emotes, nicknames, and so much more!

Happy voting!

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Server