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A new NPC has just arrived in spawn! Keep an eye out for this little guy, you'll be able to find him near /warp crates at the top of the stairs. Rumor has it, he's got some goodies to offer! Each day you visit him, he'll offer you something better. Be careful though, if you miss a day he'll hold a grudge. If you forget to visit him, he'll reset your rewards and you'll have to start over.

After the unfortunate delay with custom enchantments, we're happy to announce the issues have been resolved and they're now available!

There are 10 enchantments being added, with some being for armour, tools, or weapons - though some can work on a combination of them. Some you may come are Fatal Strike which give a chance to do double damage on weapons and tools, Night Vision can be applied to helmets and will grant night vision, and Gale Burst which works a bit like knockback on weapons but can also go on armour and will cause your attacker to get pushed away. There are some other quite interesting ones which you'll be able to discover with an enchanting table by enchanting books or just the gear itself. For more info on them you can check out /faq in-game!

Hello all,

DifferentCraft would like to thank you for your participation on the server this past month! We would like to reward our top three voters, and top three highest playtime users, as usual. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope everyone will continue to contribute positively to our server! Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all our users this month!

May Top Voters

In first place, is liam_801 with 294 votes!

First place receives a $25 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is derpysnorlaxx with 288 votes!

Second place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is rominaexero with 264 votes!

Third place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

May Top Playtime

In first place, is Such_a_Diabetic with 303.65 hours!

First place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is Mahimanta with 300.65 hours!

Second place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is kieranlb05 with 228.84 hours!

Third place recieves a $5 coupon for the donation store.

Congratulations to our winners once again, you can find your coupons in a private message on enjin or in your /mail.

Liam_801 Thanks, grats on 2nd :d I was worried about missing votes and you overtaking but i was lucky :p Goodluck this month to y...
DerpySnorlaxx Congrats everyone. Specially you Liam, I tried so hard to beat you haha! Better watch your votes this month :d It's...
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