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As many already know, the Corrupt Easter Bunnies have been driven off and Willy Wonka has departed too - marking the end of the Easter event.

Our Dungeon Build Competition has had a great turnout with many wonderful entries. The deadline for entries is April 28th, at which time judging will take place and the winners of our great prizes will be announced soon after.

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Please make sure to post the coordinates of your build here 

You Can also post pictures to the forum. We'd all love to see! 

Easter bunnies are cute and fluffy. Right?

 Unfortunately for you, we like to be different at Differentcraft!  

When you're out in the wild you may come across the the Easter Bunny, but you certainly won't want to give it a hug!

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We're not sure how, but the Easter Bunny has been corrupted.......

Kill the Bunny to collect Wonka Bars which you can trade with Willy Wonka for special Easter rewards

You'll find Willy Wonka in /spawn inside a giant Easter Egg. 

TacosAndPies It won't let me join the server
Esako I can see the board showing the maps/posters, but is there any information on what the different items do? Thanks :)

Hello all,

DifferentCraft would like to thank you for your participation on the server this past month! We would like to reward our top three voters, and top three highest playtime users, as usual. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope everyone will continue to contribute positively to our server! Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all our users this month!

March Top Voters

In first place, is liam_801 with 294 votes!

First place receives a $25 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is chikenwing321 with 274 votes!

Second place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is baconpalm with 249 votes!

Third place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

March Top Playtime

In first place, is Ubitnik with 301.96 hours!

First place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is Liam_801 with 274.64 hours!

Second place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is Such_a_Diabetic with 282.41 hours!

Third place recieves a $5 coupon for the donation store.

Congratulations to our winners once again, you can find your coupons in a private message on enjin or in your /mail.

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Server